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Turn Spiritual Songs into Simple Morning Prayers

Turn a Spiritual Song into Simple Morning Prayers

“His song is with me, a prayer to the God of my life.”

Are you looking for simple morning prayers to start your day off with the Lord? Have you ever considered using a hymn or spiritual song as your prayer? It’s a good way to be filled with the Lord for the day (Eph. 5:18-19).

I’ve found that when I’m short of words, it’s helpful to draw from the lyrics of hymns, or spiritual songs, especially those with a strong sentiment directed toward the Lord Himself.

Psalm 42:8b confirms this thought by saying,

“…His song is with me, a prayer to the God of my life.”

So in this post, I’ll illustrate how you can take the lyrics of a favorite hymn or spiritual song and turn them into simple morning prayers.  I hope you’ll not only sing the lyrics, but declare them and turn every phrase into your personal prayer for fellowship with the Lord.

How to Turn a Spiritual Song or Hymn into Simple Morning Prayers

Let’s start with a hymn especially written to direct your heart into fellowship with the Lord in the morning.  We’ll use I Come to His Presence Afresh, a hymn on fellowship with Christ by Witness Lee and practice turning it into simple morning prayers:

6 Simple Morning Prayers for Coming into the Lord’s Presence

Try reading or singing the first stanza:

I come to His presence afresh
Ere the night has passed into morning;
And His face I see as it shines on me-
The Lord within is dawning.
And He speaks to me and reveals to me
All His riches for me today;
And with sweet delight I partake of Him,
My hunger has passed away.


Try turning any phrase in this stanza that touched you into a simple morning prayer. Here are some examples:

1. “Lord Jesus, thank you, for a new day to come to You. Be so fresh to me.”

2. “Make Your face shine on me.”

3. “Be the dawning of this new day within in me.”

4. “Lord, speak to me and reveal to me all Your riches for me today.”

5. “Be so sweet to me this morning; keep me in Your sweetness all day long.”

6. “I’m  coming to partake of You until my hunger has passed away.”

Maybe you came up with others. (You can share them in a comment.)

3 Simple Morning Prayers for the Lord’s Speaking Through His Word

Now sing, read or declare the second stanza:

As Spirit He speaks thru the Word
Till my heart in echo is singing,
And the fount of life with His grace and pow’r
Within my soul is springing.
And He speaks to me and reveals to me
All His riches for me today;
And I drink of Him for my every need,
My thirsting has passed away.


Now try making this second stanza your personal prayer inviting the Lord to speak to you in His Word. You might pray,

7. “Lord, this morning speak to me through Your Word ’til my heart in echo is singing.”

8.  “Speak to me in Your Word ’til the fount of life with Your grace and power within my soul is springing.”

9. “Lord, may I drink of You in Your Word for my every need, ’til my thirst has passed away.”


3 Simple Morning Prayers for the Lord’s Tender Dealing, Saturating, and Supplying Your Soul

Finally sing, declare or praise the Lord with the third stanza:

In tenderness He deals with me,
While I stay with joy in His presence;
And He saturates and supplies my soul
With all His precious essence.
And He speaks to me and reveals to me
All His riches for me today;
And in every way I partake of Him,
My problems all passed away.


Conclude by making this third stanza your simple prayer for the Lord’s tender dealing, saturating and supplying your soul with Himself,

10. “O Lord, in tenderness deal with me while I stay with joy in Your presence. It’s only in Your presence that I can receive Your dealing.”

11. “Lord Jesus, saturate me and supply my soul with your precious essence.”

12. “Praise you Lord, that while I’m partaking of You in such a way, my problems have all passed away.”

It’s such a great way to start your day, to be filled in your spirit with Christ and to let His words dwell in you richly for the whole day (Eph. 5:18-19; Col. 3:16).

After you’ve tried turning this hymn into simple prayers to the Lord, let me know in a comment how it enriched and refreshed your time with the Lord in the morning.

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  1. Yes! This is such an enjoyable way to come to the Lord in the morning.

  2. Thanks for sharing how to turn this Hymn into short morning prayers. I have used this hymn to sing to the Lord many times!

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