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Christian Life

On this page you will find links to posts on various topics related to living a proper Christian life:

1 . Believing into Christ:
How to “Believe Into” Jesus Christ

2. Calling on the Lord:
Discovering the Indwelling Christ as the Spirit by Calling on Him

3.  Baptism:
Do I Need to be Baptized to be Saved?
6 Reasons to be Baptized

4. Assurance and Security of Salvation:
How Can I Be Sure I’m Saved?
Four Reasons Why We Can’t Lose Our Salvation

5. Exercising the Spirit and Living in the Spirit:
The Secret of the Christian Life–Living in the Mingled Spirit
The Daily Exercise of a Believer—Exercising the Mingled Spirit to Breathe in the Lord
The Key to the Meaning of Life and the Meaning of the Universe

6. Prayer:
What is the real significance of prayer?
Two Vital Means to Effective Prayer—the Blood and the Name of Jesus
How to Pray According to the Sense of the Spirit
10 Short Morning Prayers We Can Pray to the Lord
3 Simple Prayers to Rekindle Your Love for the Lord
How Do You Pray Confessing Prayers?
3 Vital Practices to Enrich Your Prayer Life
Practical Points on How to Pray to Fellowship with the Lord 
Learning to Pray Inquiring Prayers for God’s Work
8 Benefits of Prayer You Can’t Afford to Miss
7 Steps to Build Up a Personal Prayer Life

7. Reading the Bible:
12 Tips on How to Pray-read the Word of God to be Spiritually Nourished
Practical Points on Bible Reading and Reading for the Central Line
5 Steps to vitalize your Bible Reading in the new year

8. Thanking and Praising the Lord:
The Difference Between Thanking and Praising the Lord
A Deeper Appreciation for Thanksgiving—Not just a Day but a Living

9. Having Morning Time with the Lord:
How to begin your day with God
Do You Have a Private Time with the Lord?

10. Eating the Lord:
Four ways to eat the Lord as the tree of life
God Wants to Change Your Diet

11. Abiding in the Lord:
6 Way to Abide in God

12. Following the Sense of Life:
Two Principles of Living

13. Consecration:
What is Consecration in the Bible and Why Should You Consecrate Yourself to the Lord?
Giving Christ the first place in everything

14. Loving the Lord Jesus
How to cultivate a personal, affectionate relationship with the Lord Jesus
What’s the Secret of Having a Fresh Love for the Lord Jesus?

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