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Progressive Posts on Prayer

What is the real meaning of prayer? How can you learn to pray prayers that are fresh, living and effective? And how can you build up a prayer life to persevere in prayer?

 Here are 12 progressive posts on prayer to develop your prayer life with the Lord:

First, we need to lay a solid foundation for prayer.  We need a proper understanding of its meaning or significance:

1. What is the Real Significance of Prayer?

Second, to enter into its significance,  we need to apply these two vital means:

2. 2 Means to Effective Prayer You Can Apply Every Day

Third, we need to know what to pray according to.  We should not pray by our own thoughts, but by the sense of God’s Spirit in our spirit:

3. How to Pray According to the Sense of the Spirit

Then we need to practice starting each day with some short morning prayers to touch the Lord and rekindle your love for Him:

4. 10 Short Morning Prayers We Can Pray to the Lord

5. 3 Simple Prayers to Rekindle Your Love for the Lord

Yet, we might still sense there are obstacles that hinder our fellowship with the Lord.  So we need to learn how to deal with any obstacles between us and God by confessing:

6. How Do You Pray Confessing Prayers?

Then we need to learn to match our prayer with thanksgiving, praise, and worship:

7. 3 Vital Practices to Uplift Your Prayer Life

8. The Difference Between Thanking and Praising the Lord

To build up an effective prayer life we need to go on to fellowship with the Lord. We also need to learn how to inquire of Him both for our personal life and also for your work and service to Him:

9. Practical Points on How to Pray to Fellowship with the Lord 

10. Learning to Pray Inquiring Prayers for God’s Work

Finally, to persevere in our prayer life we need to realize its tremendous benefits. Then we need to take some practical steps to build up a daily habit:

11. 8 Benefits of Prayer You Can’t Afford to Miss

12. 7 Steps to Build Up a Personal Prayer Life

References and Further Resources:

For a deeper presentation of prayer, here are a few books to uplift your vision and practice:

Hymns are extremely valuable in building up a prayer life. Here are a few hymns to usher you into the spirit of prayer:

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