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Bible Study

On this page you will find Basic Principles for Bible Study plus some Bible study posts: 1) by topic, 2) by Bible book, and 3) by spiritual book.

The following are posts on Bible Study that have already been published or  that you  can anticipate in the future:

Basic Principles for Bible Study

Bible Study by Topic

Aspects of God’s Salvation:

  1. What is God’s Selection and Predestination and Its Goal?
  2. How God Created You with a Body, Soul and Spirit to Contain Him
  3. How to Enjoy Jesus Christ as Your Propitiation in Three Aspects
  4. What is Redemption? How is Salvation Different?
  5. Is Your Salvation Regeneration or a Reservation?
  6. How Can I Be Sure I’m Saved?
  7. Four Reasons Why We Can’t Lose Our Salvation

Bible Study by Book

Matthew – The All-inclusive Christ in the Gospel of Matthew

John – A Deeper Understanding of John 3:16 and How God Makes a Bunch of Sinners the Bride of Christ

Romans – The Divine Romance—Revealing the Deeper Significance of the Book of Romans

Ephesians3 Blessings God Has Prepared for You

Colossians – How Christ in You Becomes Your Hope of Glory

PsalmsH0w Psalm 23 Reveals the Organic Shepherding of the Pneumatic Christ

Bible Study by Spiritual Book

The Economy of God


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7 Replies

  1. Nora Tetonga

    I’m thoroughly enjoying reading everything, it is very uplifting and I can feel the spirit mingling inside me. It is a beautiful feeling, every words gives me confident and encourages me to look forward to the next reading.

  2. edirin

    i love this message give a clear understanding of the word and scripture

  3. I’m always uplifted through the reading and musing of the Word of God especially when sharing with a new believer!

  4. manoa turaga

    could you send to my e-mail the bible study of the basic bible study

    1. Tom Smith

      Manoa, for Bible study helps you may want to check out some of the free, downloadable Bible Study resources on the Bibles for America site. You may especially like to download the booklet: “Using the New Testament Recovery Version: an Illustrated Guide.” from the BfA Study the Word page. The topical directory is an excellent tool and keys to the footnotes on Bible verses as found in the New Testament Recovery Version. You can read it freely at: online.RecoveryVersion.org. These resources should be a great help in your study of God’s word.

  5. Prasad

    Dear brother,this is very helpful to have a real progress in my christian life,,,may the Lord recover us,,,Amen

    1. Tom Smith

      Prasad, Glad you find the topics on the Bible Study page helpful. Thanks for taking the time to provide an encouraging comment.

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