Holding to Truth

holding to truth in love for the building up of the Body of Christ

What is the Grace of God and How Can You Enjoy It?

What is the grace of God and how can you enjoy it?

You may know from the Bible that we are “saved by grace”…and that’s right. In fact, you’ve probably heard John Newton’s famous hymn, “Amazing grace, how sweet the sound.” But did you ever consider what this grace really is? I’m afraid that many of us, were simply told that “grace is God’s unmerited favor.” And […]

4 Simple Ways to Grow in Christ

Grow in Christ in all things

“How can I grow in Christ?” Have you ever asked yourself this question? Whether you have been a Christian for many years or just recently received the Lord Jesus, it’s very important to know how to grow in Christ. Unfortunately, improving behavior, increasing Bible knowledge, or developing spiritual gifts may become distractions from real growth […]

Is Singing to the Lord a Vital Part of Your Daily Life?

Do you practice singing to the Lord in daily life?

Do you make singing to the Lord a vital part of your daily life? My daily Bible reading brought me to the part of Acts 16 where Paul and Silas were singing to the Lord in a prison in Philippi. Their situation was really bad. They had been falsely accused, beaten, wounded, jailed, and even put into the […]

3 Vital Practices to Uplift Your Prayer Life

3 Vital Practices to Uplift Your Prayer Life

Have you ever noticed your prayer life becoming routine or stale? I know I have. Praying routine prayers, without having a fresh touch with the Lord Jesus, can cause you to lose interest in prayer and possibly neglect it entirely. What a loss! But what can you do to vitalize and uplift your prayer life? …

Help to Build Up a Personal Relationship with Jesus Christ

How do you cultivate a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus?

“Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth! For your love is better than wine. Draw me; we will run after you.” S. S. 1:2, 4a  Are you satisfied with your personal relationship with Jesus Christ? I know that I’m not. But I’m a learner seeking to cultivate, along with fellow believers,  a more affectionate, […]

12 of My Favorite Witness Lee Quotes from the Recovery Version

I love the Bible!  I also love books that help me to know its deeper meaning and the wonderful Person of Jesus Christ revealed on its pages. The most helpful book I’ve found to help me know the hidden treasures in the Bible is the Holy Bible Recovery Version with footnotes by Witness Lee. In this post I’ll present twelve of my […]

Daily Bible Reading – A Personal Story with Helpful Tips

Daily Bible Reading - a story and help to continue

Do you ever find your daily Bible reading becoming routine? I know that I do. It’s easy to go through the motions, get into a routine and not get much out of it. You may start to neglect it…and eventually give up altogether. Here is my own daily Bible reading story… Recently, I was doing […]

How to Build Up a 12-Minute Time with the Lord

How to Build Up a 12 Minute Time with the Lord

Are you a new believer in Christ seeking to know the Lord better? Or are you a Christian of many years feeling the need for a more personal relationship with Him?  Then how can you do it? Where do you begin? The only way to get to know any person well, is to spend regular time with them. […]

Living in the Mingled Spirit, The Secret of the Christian Life

The mingled spirit - the Spirit and our spirit becoming one spirit

Whether you’ve received the Lord recently or have been a Christian for many years, it’s crucial to realize the secret to living the Christian life. Unfortunately, the spiritual progress of many sincere believers has been frustrated or seriously delayed because of a lack of enlightenment concerning this secret. So let’s consider this secret of the Christian life—living in the […]

How Do You Pray Confessing Prayers?

How to pray confessing prayers

Do you often find it difficult to pray—to have fellowship with God?  If we’re honest, we all have to admit that this is our case. We often feel dirty, guilty, and insulated from God. So how can we  remove this barrier between us and God. That is, how can we pray in such a way that we make things […]