Holding to Truth

holding to truth in love for the building up of the Body of Christ

How to Enjoy Jesus Christ as Your Propitiation

  God’s complete salvation is incredibly rich! It’s like a beautiful, multifaceted diamond. “Propitiation” is one of the marvelous facets of the diamond of God’s complete salvation. It is that particular aspect of salvation that shows how Christ took away man’s sin to appease the relationship between man and God. In this post we’ll consider […]

5 Steps to Vitalize Your Bible Reading in the New Year

Bible reading should be more than picking up Scriptural knowledge. It has to bring us in touch with God Himself in His Word. So at the beginning of this new year it’s essential that we renew our vision of how to come to God’s word. This will enable us to have a vital contact with Him through our daily Bible reading. The God-seeking psalmists in […]

Seeking a Spiritual New Beginning in the New Year?

Are you a believer seeking a spiritual new beginning in the new year? I hope so. Why?  Because God is a God of new beginnings—new days, new months, and new years. Genesis 1:14 says, “And God said let there be light-bearers in the expanse of the heaven to separate the day from the night, and let […]

What’s the Real Meaning of the Birth of Jesus?

What does the birth of Jesus Christ mean to you? Who was that baby born in the manger in Bethlehem? It’s really a mystery worth considering. Many people may regard His birth as an historical event, but with little thought as to, “What is the real meaning of the birth of Jesus Christ?” Using Charles Wesley’s classic hymn, “Hark the herald angels […]

Redemption, Regeneration and How They Relate in Your Experience

Redemption and regeneration—they’re two of the most important words in the experience of God full salvation. Why are they so important? It’s because they’re the foundation for many progressive experiences bringing us on to full growth in Christ. But first, do we understand what redemption and regeneration mean? Second, do we understand how they’re related in our experience? Third, do we realize […]

Podcast: How You Can Know That You Are Saved

By God's Word you can know you are saved

“How can you know that you are saved?” This was the question that came up in my heart as a young Christian and one that I believe troubles many just like it troubled me. I knew that the Bible says that if someone believes in the Lord Jesus they will be saved and have eternal life. But I […]

Why Using Your Spirit is Crucial to God’s Eternal Purpose

Using your spirit to fulfill God's eternal purpose

Your spirit is absolutely vital to your Christian life! But it is even more crucial in fulfilling God’s eternal purpose or plan. Without knowing your spirit, your salvation may be just a fact, with little personal experience or practical reality. But by knowing your spirit, you have: 1.  The reality of being born again or regenerated—born of […]

Why Knowing Your Spirit is Vital to Your Christian Life

  Do you ever feel like there is something missing in your Christian life?  You know you’re on the “highway” through your faith in Christ. Yet, you’re missing the key to make the “car” of your Christian life drive toward its destination. That missing key is your spirit! But what is your spirit and how can you know it? I hope that […]

What’s the Difference between Sanctification and Transformation?

What are sanctification and transformation?  What’s the difference between these two aspects of God’s saving work? And how can you experience sanctification and transformation in your daily Christian life? By considering these questions you will be equipped with the truth of God’s Word and better able to experience and grow in your Christian life. First, we need to see the […]

14 Words to Enrich Your Fellowship with Jesus

Pray to fellowship with Jesus

Do you ever find it difficult to pray? Do you sense a lack of genuine fellowship with Jesus when you do? I know there are times that I feel that way…and I’m sure that I’m not alone. I believe that most believers experience some difficulty in entering into personal fellowship with the Lord Jesus. We just don’t know […]