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What Does it Mean to be a Born Again Christian?

What does it mean to be a born again Christian?

To become a born again Christian is: Not merely an outward conversion of faith. Not a decision to follow the teachings of the Bible. Not a resolution to change your ways or live like a Christian should. The meaning of being a “born again Christian” is totally different from this. To be “born again is to have an […]

How to Pray According to the Sense of the Spirit

How to Pray According to the Sense of the Spirit

  Are you a person that feels that you get little or nothing out of prayer?  Or are you a Christian that finds it difficult to pray? This is a serious matter because prayer is man’s supply line to God. All of God’s inexhaustible provision for us is transmitted to us through our prayer.  All […]

How You Can Have the Excellency of the Knowledge of Christ

How can you have the excellency of the knowledge of Christ?

As a believer, are you satisfied with your present experience of Christ? Few of us are. But in order to experience and enjoy Him more, we first need the excellency of the knowledge of Christ. Consider the example of the apostle Paul.  It was by having the excellency of the knowledge of Christ that he was able to count all […]

How to be Filled with Real Faith in Jesus Christ

How can you be filled with real faith in Christ?

 Have you ever asked yourself, “How can I have real  faith in Jesus Christ?”  As believers in Christ, we know that the Christian life is a life of faith. Second Corinthians 5:7 tells us clearly, “For we walk by faith not by appearance.” But in our daily life, we often find ourselves sinking on a stormy sea. We’re like Peter who stepped […]

The Difference Between Thanking and Praising the Lord

The difference between thanking and praising the Lord

Have you ever wondered about the difference between thanking and praising the Lord? The Bible talks about both, but it’s easy to combine the two as one. It’s easy to think that they both mean the same thing when actually there’s a difference, and knowing this difference can help us to experience the Lord in […]

The Scientific Way to Drink the Water of Life

The scientific way to drink the water of life

As believers in Christ, we need to see the way to drink the water of life. It’s scientific, that is, it can be tested, again and again. By applying the divine principles revealed in the Bible and presented in this post you can enjoy the thirst-quenching of living water in a normal way–every day. In the Gospel of […]

Podcast: How to Know the Difference Between the Soul and the Spirit

How can you know the difference between your soul and spirit?

  Welcome to this Holding to Truth Podcast! Hi. I’m Tom Smith and in this podcast we’ll be considering one of our favorite topics on this blog: “The Difference Between the Soul and Spirit in the Bible.” Click the link to listen to this podcast. First, I’ll give four reasons why knowing the difference between our soul and our […]

Are You Working Out Your Salvation?

Are you working out your salvation?

“Working out your salvation” is something totally different from working for your salvation. You might ask, “What’s the difference between working out your salvation and working for your salvation? A lot. The first is necessary for every believer. The second is a heresy–a teaching not according to the genuine Christian faith. So let’s consider the difference…

2 Means to Effective Prayer You Can Apply Every Day

2 means to effective prayer you can apply every day

As believers in Christ, we might realize that prayer is our lifeline to God, yet, at the same time, find it difficult to pray. One reason for this frustration might be that we’ve not yet discovered how to apply the two means to effective prayer–the blood and the name of Jesus. As a result we might feel hindered in […]

How the Spirit of Jesus Christ Becomes the Supply for Your Daily Salvation

Salvation through the bountiful supply of the Spirit of Jesus Christ

Have you ever wondered how you can live an overcoming Christian life in the midst of your trying circumstances? The answer is the bountiful supply of the Spirit of Jesus Christ. During the apostle Paul’s Roman imprisonment, he uttered these words of assurance that are as full of hope for us today as they were […]