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Why Knowing Your Spirit is Vital to Your Christian Life

  Do you ever feel like there is something missing in your Christian life?  You know you’re on the “highway” through your faith in Christ. Yet, you’re missing the key to make the “car” of your Christian life drive toward its destination. That missing key is your spirit! But what is your spirit and how can you know it? I hope that [...]

What’s the Difference between Sanctification and Transformation?

What are sanctification and transformation?  What’s the difference between these two aspects of God’s saving work? And how can you experience sanctification and transformation in your daily Christian life? By considering these questions you will be equipped with the truth of God’s Word and better able to experience and grow in your Christian life. First, we need to see the [...]

14 Words to Enrich Your Fellowship with Jesus

Pray to fellowship with Jesus

Do you ever find it difficult to pray? Do you sense a lack of genuine fellowship with Jesus when you do? I know there are times that I feel that way…and I’m sure that I’m not alone. I believe that most believers experience some difficulty in entering into personal fellowship with the Lord Jesus. We just don’t know [...]

Best Bible Verses on the Trinity in 12 Aspects

As believers in Christ, it can be challenging to present our faith…especially when it comes to a topic as profound as the divine Trinity. We may think that such a topic is just  for theologians, for people who have special training in the teachings of the Bible. However, Paul, in 1 Timothy 2:4, said, “Our Savior God who desires all men [...]

How to be Filled with Real Faith in Jesus Christ

How to be filled with faith in Jesus Christ

 Have you ever asked yourself, “How can I have real  faith in Jesus Christ?”  As believers in Christ, we know that the Christian life is a life of faith. Second Corinthians 5:7 tells us clearly, “For we walk by faith not by appearance.” But in our daily life, we often find ourselves sinking on a stormy sea. We’re like Peter who stepped [...]

Where will our spirit and soul go after our body dies?

Garden walkway by Terry Ballard at morguefile

Have you ever asked yourself this question, “Where will our spirit and soul go after our body dies? If so, you’re not alone. Some Holding to Truth readers of  our  post, “What is the Difference Between the Spirit and the Soul of Man?” have asked this and related questions in the comments. In response to these readers’ questions, and for others who share [...]

How Do I Believe into Jesus Christ?

Have you believed into Jesus Christ?

Have you ever asked yourself how you can have a personal relationship with God?  The answer is simple.  Believe into Jesus Christ, His Son. Does such a expression–“believe into Jesus Christ”–sound strange to you? It does to most of us, because that’s not the common understanding. But that’s exactly what the Bible says. So in this post we’ll first consider what [...]

7 Steps to Build Up a Personal Prayer Life

How to build up a personal prayer life

“How can I build up a prayer life?” It’s a question that every believer should ask. Why? It’s because, as  believers in Christ,  our prayer life is absolutely vital. It’s our spiritual breathing. It’s essential to living a normal Christian life. Without prayer, our Christian life is like a car with flat tires. The car may be great, but it’s not [...]

8 Benefits of Prayer You Can’t Afford to Miss

Best Bible Verses on the Trinity

How is your prayer life with the Lord?  If you’ve been a believer for some time, you may have realized the difficulty of building up a prayer life… and possibly even given up. And that’s really a loss because the benefits of prayer are so tremendous. Since it’s so easy to get discouraged and give up on prayer, it’s worth considering [...]

How to Receive a Revelation of Christ in You

Have you ever felt that your appreciation for the Lord Jesus was lacking? Even more, have you ever longed for more revelation of Christ? You may know that you’ve believed in the Lord as your Savior. Yet, at the same time,  you may long for something more subjective, a revelation of Christ within you. This was my experience. I [...]