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Seeking a Spiritual Beginning to the New Year?

What is the meaning of spiritual new year?Are you seeking a spiritual beginning to the new year? 

Has another year come and gone, leaving you on a quest for something more–for new meaning and a spiritual beginning for the year ahead?

If you’re a believer in Christ, your years should be marked with spiritual meaning, with many spiritual beginnings. But how can you find such meaning, and have such spiritual new beginnings?

This post will provide help to enable you to enter into the meaning of a spiritual new year and have the new beginning that you’re seeking.

Days, months, and years are opportunities prepared by God.

Our God is a God of new beginnings. This is evidenced by His divine characteristics displayed in His creation. God created the universe such that there would be days, months, and years.

Genesis 1:14 says,

“And God said let there be light-bearers in the expanse of the heaven to separate the day from the night, and let them be for signs and for seasons and for days and for years.” 

Signs, seasons, days, and years are shadows of Christ for our experience (Col. 2:16-17).

Every twenty-four hours the earth revolves on its axis in such a way that we have a night followed by a new day. Similarly, the moon revolves around the earth in such a way that we have new moons, new months for new seasons. The earth revolves around the sun in such a way that we have  new years.

All these days, months, and years are opportunities prepared by God for us.

In the physical universe, God ordained that all the living things should be regulated by days, months and years, whether plants or animals.  For example, farmers plant their seed in the spring in order that they may reap in the fall.

Children grow, year by year, making progressive advancement in their education. Such a natural principle also applies to our business or career as well. If we had difficulty in our education, career or business in one year, we still have a new year with a new opportunity to start again.

Spiritually, we have such opportunities not only year after year, but month after month, and even day after day. God is constantly presenting us with opportunities for a new beginning so that we may grow in Him.

Since there is now the opportunity for a new year, do not be discouraged, but grasp the opportunity for a spiritual new beginning.

Every day, month and year is a new beginning.

In our spiritual life there should  be days, months, and years.

For example,  the children of Israel held the Feast of the Passover as their beginning in the first month of their sacred calendar, the month of Abib (Exo. 12:1-2). “Abib” means sprouting, budding and denotes a new beginning of life.

From this illustration, we can see that the spiritual meaning of a new beginning is for sprouting, for growing.

For example, we may have been short in pursuing the Lord, inconsistent in our Bible reading and prayer, negligent in preaching the gospel, and unfaithful in giving of our material possessions–like the waning of the moon. However, we can let this failure pass and have a spiritual new moon.

We can also have a spiritual new day. We may have experienced a failure one day. Yet, after resting for the night we can have a new beginning when we rise up in the morning.

One of my favorite verses concerning having a daily new beginning is Lamentations 3:22-23 which says,

“It is Jehovah’s loving kindness that we are not consumed, for His compassions do not fail; they are new every morning; great is Your faithfulness.”

We need to be like Jeremiah who realized His need to contact the Lord afresh every morning, putting our entire hope in Him, waiting on Him, and calling on His name (Lam. 3:22-25, 55).

It’s regrettable that as Christians we may enter into a new calendar year without entering into a new spiritual year. While expecting the beginning of  a new calendar year, we may fail to prepare ourselves for a new spiritual year and thus have no proper ending and no new preparation for a new spiritual beginning.

We need to keep a spiritual new year before God.

In order to have a spiritual new beginning before the Lord, we need go before God to review and settle our condition before Him from the passing year. Just as a business owner must settle his outward accounts at the end of each year, we must settle our inward accounts with the Lord each year.

We need to have a proper spiritual conclusion to the passing year and a proper beginning for a new spiritual year. We need to consider before the Lord in prayer how we’ve spent our time, the things in which we’ve failed and those in which we have overcome. Then we need to have a thorough confession and clearance so that we can have a new beginning–a spiritual new year.

There are two very important principles concerning days, months and years:

1. Their relationship to light-bearers–meeting God who is light

God in Christ is the real light-bearer (John 8:12; 9:5).

In order to experience a new spiritual year, we need to seek God’s face and meet Him. We need to bring our spiritual condition, our past and our present to Him.  We need to place it before Him to receive His shining.

We need to open ourselves to Him so that as the Spirit, He may come and shine on the items that we place before Him. It is only such encounters with God that bring in the changes signified by days, months and years.

Every change in our spiritual condition depends on our meeting God who is light.

2. Their relationship to death and resurrection–terminating our past and supplying us for a new beginning

May we be those, who at the end of the year, go before God, bringing our life and work and our spiritual condition from the previous year to Him in prayer in order to receive His enlightenment.

When we encounter His shining on our shortages, failures and mistakes, we simply need to confess them to Him so that we receive His forgiveness and cleansing (1 John 1:9). In this way our past is terminated and we experience death.

Then as we pray, we will receive God’s fresh grace, fresh enlightenment, fresh power and fresh promises. In this way we will have a new beginning before God and will experience resurrection.

Our spiritual journey is a continual process of such death and resurrection even as Paul expressed in Philippians 3:13,

“Forgetting the things which are behind and stretching forward to the things which are before.”

This refers to an ending and a new beginning.

The changing of days, months and years depends on God Himself.

The changing of days, months and years is the issue of our contacting God as light and of death and resurrection. Whenever we contact God we are in the presence of light and when we contact Him we enter into death and resurrection. So the proper ushering in of a new year is to have a new beginning and a new beginning is the issue of touching God and meeting God.

We are separated from the people of the world to experience a new spiritual beginning.

Such a new beginning is not according to the festivities of the worldly celebrations but one of spending sober time to meet God at the beginning of each new year. In such times we may even come to Him with sorrow, fasting, confession, regret, and repentance. We may also ask Him for His mercy and His grace with prayer and petition. In this way we will truly have a new beginning of a new spiritual year.

“Lord Jesus, thank you for showing me the way to have a spiritual  beginning to the new year. Lord, I’m coming to meet You as the Source of newness. I open my whole being to You. Enlighten me concerning the things that I need to confess one by one. Terminate the old things in Your death. Fill me with Yourself as God’s fresh grace, fresh enlightenment, fresh power and fresh promises. Make this new year a spiritual new beginning.”

References and Further Reading:

  • This post is my chapter review of Chapter Four, “The Spiritual Significance of the New Year” in God’s Need and God’s Goal, by Witness Lee. I would strongly encourage you to prayerfully read this chapter for yourself.
  • This spiritual song strengthens the point of this post: Pursue Him and Know Him
  • Photo credit: Morguefile

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3 Replies

  1. I loved it. We read God’s need and God’s goal with our group this fall. This chapter on new beginnings really resonated with them. Everyone can relate to the mechanics of our solar system. That means God really has a purpose for this new year and most people have no clue what it is. After reading that book and this blog, it’s so clear. After praying for a good response to this blog, I feel touched to bring my current condition to the Lord and let Him shine! Thank you!

    1. Tom Smith

      We all need this encouragement to not only espouse the truth of spiritual new years but to enter into the experience by meeting with God who light. We need Him as light to become our first and last, our beginning and ending. May we learn to open in prayer to His shining on what needs to be ended with confession at year end. Then may we inquire concerning His desire for how we should go forward in the new year. May the Lord grant us all such a spiritual new beginning for growing up into Him in the new year.

  2. I like the sentence “The proper ushering in of a new year is to have a new beginning and a new beginning is the issue of touching God and meeting God.” God is the One who is ever new and He is the One who gives new beginnings. It is good to come to Him and touch Him for a review and new beginning January 1. But, if we miss that date we do not have to wait for February 1 or next January 1. We open to Him and take Him as our new beginning.

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