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Podcast: Spending Time with the Lord in the Morning

Podcast: Spending time with the Lord JesusOne of the most important life practices for Christians is to spend time with the Lord Jesus first things in the morning. As born again believers, we’ve received the life of God, and our need is for this life to grow. Just as a newborn baby needs to be fed in order to grow, we need to be fed spiritually so we can grow in our Christian life, and the best time to do this is first thing in the morning.

This podcast explains our need to spend time with the Lord in the morning and what we can do in these times. It discusses principles presented in the Bible related to spending time with the Lord in the morning, and also specific people in the Bible and in church history who spent time to contact God early in the morning.

p.s. The Holding to Truth podcast is now available on iTunes. You can now listen to it on iTunes here.

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