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The Art of Listening

The Art of ListeningI once heard the story of an old country doctor who gave only two prescriptions—castor oil and quinine. It didn’t seem to matter what his patients’ ailments were; they could be sure that they would leave his office with either one tonic or the other.

As silly as it  may seem, the way we care for people in the Lord may not be too far off from that country doctor. We’re ready to prescribe our “pet tonic” to whomever we meet.

You might be asking, “What’s the point? What does this have to do with the Holding to Truth blog?” Everything.

Hearing is a two way street. Yes, readers need to hear, but so do writers. It’s hard to write effective content without knowing what your readers are concerned about. Fortunately, blogging is now a two-way communication—posting and commenting.

As bloggers, we write to serve the needs of our audience. Without serving the needs of our audience, our writing becomes meaningless noise.

So, here’s the point: I’d like to hear from you.

At the beginning of a new year,  it’s time  to take a step forward. One step that I’d like to take this year is to be more engaging with Holding to Truth readers.

So here’s your chance. Maybe there’s a question that you have been wanting to ask regarding the truth in the Bible, some aspect of Christian experience, or some facet of church practice.

If it can benefit the readers of this blog, I’d like to respond to it.

I hope you’ll submit a comment with a question or discussion topic that you’ve encountered in your daily Christian life. If a good number of Holding to Truth blog readers would communicate one idea, I believe that the posts this year will take on a new dimension of relevance.

I look forward to hearing from you…and remember, keep “holding to truth.”

If  you’d like to read more about being A Good Listener, I’d highly recommend the first chapter in The Character of the Lord’s Worker by Watchman Nee. You can read it online at ministrybooks.org or buy your own copy from Living Stream Books.
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  1. Glenn

    Your post re the matter of l”istening” matches point 3 in Watchman Nee’s Testimony, p. 55. My question is related to the matter of “fellowship”. This has been a puzzle to me for years. Recently I reviewed all the verses & notes in the RcV relating to fellowship. With all the riches and potential in the fellowship of life (1 John 1:3, note 3) why do we not derive more benefit from it (1 John 1:4, note 2; 2 Cor. 13:14, note 1)?
    I very much like Eph. 6:21-22 which shows that Paul sent a co-worker all the way from Rome to Ephesus to do two things–inform the saints about Paul and to comfort their hearts.

    1. Tom Smith

      Glenn, thanks for your confirming comment. The matter of fellowship is a great one which requires much more revelation and a lot of experience. I’ll definitely keep this point in mind for future blog posts.

  2. In sharing the gospel with others I have come across some people who think that the Bible contradicts itself. I realize the matter of there being two sides to God’s truth; however, I find myself at a loss as to how to effectively explain this with specific examples from the Word. So, I’m curious – how would you answer them? Perhaps you can offer some fellowship on this matter?

    1. Tom Smith

      People often get stumbled by God’s enemy because they only see one side of things. But God always has another side to show us. When Satan tempted the Lord Jesus to turn stones into bread, he tempted Him as the “Son of God” to do something miraculous. The Lord countered Satan and defeated him by presenting another angle. That is, He stood on his position as the “Son of Man.” Standing as a man, in Matt. 4:4, Jesus defeated Satan based on God’s word in Deut. 8:3, “man lives not by bread alone, but that man lives by everything that proceeds out from the mouth of God.” In contrast, the Jews got stumbled because they only saw Jesus as a man. The Lord Jesus silenced His testers in Matt. 22:41-46 by pointing out that the Christ, was not just David’s son (v. 42) but David’s Lord (v. 43). The Lord was always ready to correct people by presenting another side.

      1. Wow, those are wonderful examples! It’s really a blessing to see both sides of the truth so as to not become imbalanced. May the Lord have mercy on us and so many others that we would not be stumbled by the enemy’s tactics. Thank you, brother.

        1. Tom Smith

          I’d never given much consideration as to how to present both sides of a truth. But questions like yours stimulate fellowship and help us into a deeper appreciation for the truth in God’s word. Thanks for asking.

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