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Singing with our Spirit of Faith to Switch on the Divine Power

I can’t stop talking about switching on the divine power to live the Christian life!

It’s time to get beyond mere Bible teaching into the laboratory of our daily life and practice being a “believ-ing one.”

Ephesians 1:19   says,

And what is the surpassing greatness of His power toward us who believe, according to the operation of the might of His strength.

I know that it sounds like weird English but the Greek grammar in this verse literally means “the ones believing.”  It’s  a present, active participle. This powerful divine transmission is to the believing ones.

So the surpassing greatness of God’s power is not just to those who call themselves “Christians”–those who have professed faith in Christ at one time in their life.

No! This incredibly great power is transmitted into those who are presently switching on by their believing action.  They’re “pressing down” on the “pressure switch”  of their spirit  (like that of a power tool) by  speaking God’s Word with their spirit of faith.

In this post, we ‘ll  consider singing as a simple way to exercise our spirit of faith to switch on the transmission of divine power to live the Christian life.

Singing in the Spirit of faith to Switch on the Divine Power

I’m especially impressed that an excellent way for us to switch on this divine power is to SING God’s Word, that is, to sing psalms, hymns and spiritual songs that are full of the divine light and life from God’s Word (Eph. 5:18-19).

The hymn that I’m enjoying in this post is on the fourfold power in Ephesians 1:19-23. Each of the four stanzas speak of  a further aspect of this power—-resurrection power, all-transcending power, all-subduing power, and overruling (heading up) power:

Pow’r exceeding great God did demonstrate
When He raised His Son from the dead.
May this pow’r we see, with it strengthened be,
And in resurrection life be led.
Power, power, resurrection power,
Energize us mightily within!
Power, power, resurrection power,
Energize us in the inner man!

Pow’r exceeding high God did magnify
When He raised His Son far above all.
Principalities, pow’rs, and majesties
At the name of Jesus Christ must fall.
Power, power, all-transcending power,
Elevate us mightily within!
Power, power, all-transcending power,
Elevate us in the inner man!

Pow’r surpassing too, all things to subdue
Has been given to Christ, pow’r complete.
We His Body are; so, hallelujah,
Everything must be beneath our feet!
Power, power, all-subduing power,
All-subjecting mightily within!
Power, power, all-subduing power,
All-subjecting to the inner man!

And the best of all, overruling all,
O’er all to the church Christ is Head.
Pow’r so glorious over all’s to us;
To the highest place the church is led.
Power, power overruling power,
Ruling over all, without, within!
Power, power, overruling power,
Ruling, reigning, through the inner man!

This power isn’t an outward display of power like lightening. Rather, it is an  inward and practical application of  power, like electricity in our home. It’s with this power that we’re strengthened into our inner man–our regenerated spirit, which has God’s life as its life (Eph. 3:16). As we stay connected to this power by using our spirit to sing and to speak, we receive a constant transmission.

This power energizes us in the inner man!
It elevates us in the inner man!
It subjects everything to the inner man!
It rules and reigns through our inner man!

May we sing and declare the words of this hymn to enjoy the divine transmission that empowers us to live a normal Christian life for the building up of the Body of Christ.

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Hi. My name is Tom Smith. I'm the writer behind Holding to Truth in Love, and I love the Lord Jesus and His life-giving Word. Please feel free to send me an e-mail through the contact page if you have any questions. I hope you'd take a moment to subscribe to the Holding to Truth blog. Then you'll be sure not to miss a post. Thanks!

13 Replies

  1. Maria Rodriguez

    Amen! singing Gods word is a great way to penetrate the soul and spirit with life giving truths!! LOrd, thank you for your life giving word and for giving us a voice to sing is and express you!

    1. Tom Smith

      Thanks for the comment. By singing and speaking God’s Word we penetrate the soul and spirit. As Eph 5:18 points out, we’re filled in spirit speaking, singing and psalming with our heart to the Lord. By such a practice our heart is draw to the Lord and our spirit is filled with Him. Lord remind in all the small things of our life to sing to You.

  2. Mary

    Singing, so often overlooked, is indeed a wonderful way to press on the switch within us. May singing in this way become more and more of a frequent practice among Christ’s believ-ING ones!

    1. Tom Smith

      Yes, we all need this reminding until we build up a habit of singing to switch on the divine power in all the circumstances of our life. I doubt Paul and Silas could have sung in the jail at Philippi after being beaten and put in the stocks if they didn’t have a habit of doing so in their ordinary daily life. May we not wait for difficult times to sing, but take all the little opportunities sing and speak to switch of divine transmission.

  3. Bobby Snawder

    I think this is the first time I’ve heard this hymn before! Weird. However, I really enjoyed your post and the video alone with it. I will definitely sing this one more often brother Tom.

    1. Tom Smith

      Thanks for the comment. We really need a lot of mutual encouragement and reminders to keep switching on by singing and speaking. That’s because Satan really wants to stop our praising mouth. I’m so glad that by using the social media for God’s purpose we can help one another express our faith and love for the Lord and practice being the believing ones that stay in the divine transmission that builds up the Body of Christ.

  4. Josh

    Amen! In my experience, singing hymns is a great way to uplift me from my dead situations into my spirit. Praise the Lord that we can not only read His word but also sing His word!

    1. Tom Smith

      Yes, singing hymns or even sing-reading the Word is a super exercise of our spirit. It elevates us out of our dead and defeated situation into the heavenlies in Christ.

  5. Todd B.

    I enjoyed the song very much Tom. I got switched on. A singing blog is very fun.

    1. Tom Smith

      Todd, thanks for the encouragement. It’s really good to be simple. I’m glad we can switch on God’s fourfold resurrection power simply by opening our mouth to sing and speak the truth in God’s Word. Being such believing ones energizes us and elevates us in the inner man, puts all things under our feet, and heads up all things in Christ…all by using this simple switch!

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