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6 Habits to Live a Normal Christian Life

What is the normal Christian life? It may not be what you think—not some “super spiritual” behavior. In fact, it may be so “normal” that many people would hardly notice. It is simply a life in which we live by the divine life in us and minister this life to others to build up Christ’s Body the church. It’s normal because it fulfills God’s desire and goal.

In this post we’ll consider six life practices or habits revealed in Romans 8 that will enable us to live a normal Christian life—spontaneously and automatically.

These six habits are our cooperation with what Paul referred to as “the law of the Spirit of life” (v. 2). By the “law of the Spirit of life” we mean that within the divine life there is a law that regulates us automatically to live the normal Christian life.

Consider the various organic systems of your body. When you’re healthy, these systems—digestive, respiratory, etc.—all work by law. You eat; you breathe, and your body just does its job. This is the way to live a normal Christian life.

First, we need to walk according to the spirit—Rom. 8:4.

After presenting  the law of the Spirit of life with its effectiveness, the law of letters with its ineffectiveness, plus God’s Son as the remedy, Paul goes on to speak  about our cooperation. He says, “that the righteous requirement of the law might be fulfilled in us who do not walk according to the flesh, but according to the spirit.”

So there are only two places for us to walk—the flesh or the spirit. We may not know practically what our spirit is, but we surely know what our flesh is. For example, when we insist on something for our own profit, we realize that we are walking in our flesh. When we stop, turn to the Lord, and reject the flesh, we are spontaneously walking according to the spirit.

Second, we need to be according to the spirit—v. 5.

To walk according to spirit is basic. It’s where we start—with a conscious behavior. But we need to go on to BE according to spirit, such that it is no more just an activity, but the condition in which we’re found. For example, if you get on an airplane, you overcome gravity not by your conscious effort, but by the planes applying of  the law of aerodynamics.

Today, the Lord Jesus in our spirit is our real “jetliner”, we just need to “get on board” each morning upon rising and remain in Him. We can “switch on” the law of the Spirit of life, simply by exercising our spirit to call on the Lord, worship, thank, and praise Him.

Third, we need to mind the things of the spirit—vv. 5-6.

A very crucial habit to allow the law of the Spirit of life to operate in us is to mind the things of the spirit, to set our mind on the spirit. The key to victory in the spiritual warfare is to never let our mind remain vacant, but to occupy our mind with all the things of Christ revealed in God’s word. When we are loving the Lord, we just want to think about Him, to muse on Him. In this way our mind gradually becomes “the mind of the spirit.”

An excellent practice to mind the things of the Spirit is to enjoy two or three verses in the morning and then re-speak them, sing them, tweet them, or share them on Facebook or Google+.

Fourth, we need to put to death by the Spirit the practices of our body—v. 13.

When we are setting our mind on the spirit, we spontaneously put to death by the Spirit so many practices of our body. These practices are all the things, whether good or bad, practiced by our body apart from the Spirit.

When we coordinate with the Spirit, the effectiveness of Christ’s death, as a powerful, active ingredient in this Spirit, terminates these practices of our body. This is not some form of asceticism, but the normal restriction of the divine life within us. This life may regulate us to slow down when we’re driving our car too fast, to stop what we’re doing and go to bed earlier, or to not eat that extra dessert.

Fifth, we need to be led by the Spirit—v. 14.

To be led by the Spirit doesn’t refer to some activity of seeking the Lord’s leading for a certain decision. Rather it refers to a kind of living under the Spirit’s instant, moment-by-moment leading as an issue of our love for the Lord and our desire to live Him (Phil. 1:21a). If we would care for Him as such an indwelling Person within us, we will spontaneously be led by Him.

Sixth, we need cry “Abba, Father”—v. 15.

Finally, as an issue of our regeneration, we have received a “spirit of sonship” in which we cry “Abba, Father.” To cooperate with the indwelling law in our spirit, it is very helpful to cry out, “Abba, Father.”

When we practice these six things, the law of the spirit of life spontaneously enables us to live a genuine and normal Christian life.

“Lord Jesus, thank you for opening Romans 8 to us to show us how to live a normal Christian life. Thank you that the law of the Spirit of life, with all of its life-power, has been installed in our spirit. Lord, remind us every day to simply “switch on” this life-law by calling on Your name and by thanking, praising, and worshiping You. Lord, remind us to walk and to be according to the Spirit, to mind the things of the Spirit and to put to death by the Spirit all the practices of our body. Lord, bring us under Your moment by moment leading. Abba, Father, we love You.”

This post was inspired by days 1-3 of Week 3 of the Holy Word for Morning Revival on the Focus of the Lord’s Recovery which was based on a book by Witness Lee entitled The All-inclusive Indwelling Spirit, Chapters 3-5. You can find it online at ministrybooks.org. You can also read a similar post by a fellow blogger at agodman.com.

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