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Enjoying Christ as the Light of Life, the Baptizer and the Son of Man

Today, I freshly appreciated the all-inclusive Christ in Matthew as the light of life, the Baptizer and the Son of Man. To me, it is not sufficient to merely know the teaching that Christ is such an all-inclusive Person. Rather, I desire to see Him, experience Him and enjoy Him as such a One through my prayer and fellowship, not only with the Lord, but also with other believers, in order to apprehend His vast dimensions and to be filled unto the fullness of God  (Eph. 3:18-19).

So in this post we’ll consider how Christ as the Light of life, the Baptizer and the Son of Man can be practically experienced by us in a daily and progressive way.

Enjoying Christ as the Light of Life

When the Lord Jesus came out to minister, the first thing that He did was to shine upon man as a great light (Matt. 4:16). I’m reminded that when the God began to do His work for the old creation, the first thing He said was, “Let there be light” (Genesis 1:3). Before this, the Spirit of God was brooding, and God spoke the Word. Then light came into being. As the issue of the shining of light, all kinds of life sprung up.

This was my own experience. I believe that the Spirit was brooding over my own soul, creating an opening in me for God. Then when I heard His living word, the light shined into my heart, generating faith within me.

The Apostle Paul confirmed this point in 2 Corinthians 4:6 when he said, “Because the God who said, Out of darkness light shall shine, is the One who shined in our hearts to illuminate the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ.” Just as God’s shining in the universe brought forth the old creation, His shining in our hearts makes us the new creation of God by infusing the element of God into us. Once the Lord as this great light shines into us, we could never be the same.

It’s good to pray, “Lord, shine into me as the great light, even as the light of life. By your shining deliver me fully out of the old creation into the new creation, your masterpiece of life.”

I’m so glad that we have God’s word, in which is light, to come to every day (Psa. 119:130). In this way we can experience and enjoy Christ as the light of life shining on us more and more.

Enjoying Christ as the Baptizer

This title for the Lord Jesus came from John the Baptist’s recommendation of Him (Matt. 3: 11). John told his disciples that he baptized them in water unto repentance, but that there was One coming after him (Jesus), who was stronger than he was, would baptize them in the Holy Spirit and fire.

Considering my own experience, I can say that when the Lord as the great light shined into my heart, this causes me to repent. That is, I began to have a change in my thinking toward God.

Once we repent (3:2), we’ll see the need to be terminated, that is to be baptized (v. 6). That is exactly what happened to me. After being enlightened by the Lord, I just wanted to be baptized. I hope that this was your case as well. But, if it were only John’s baptism, the story would have stopped short. But thank the Lord, Someone greater came—the Lord Jesus as the Baptizer. He is greater because He can either put people into the Spirit for life or into the fire (v. 12) for judgment.

I’m so glad that after being enlightened by the Lord, I was constrained to obey His word and be baptized. Such a baptism put me not only in the water but also in the Holy Spirit. The inner reality of such a baptism initiated me, not into a religion, but into His heavenly kingdom—a kingdom of the divine life.

Enjoying Christ as the Son of Man

Finally, I was considering, “How can we enjoy the Lord Jesus as the Son of Man?” I just began to appreciate that in His temptation by the devil, He didn’t defeat him as God but as a man. He told the devil, “Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God” (Matt. 4:4)

If the Lord Jesus lived on every word from God’s mouth to defeat the tempter as a man, surely we also need follow His pattern to live on every God-breathed word. In this way we’ll experience Him as such a proper man. If it was in such a way that Jesus as the Son of Man stood victorious to defeat Satan, should it not be the same with us today?

May we enjoy the Lord Jesus as the Son of Man by feeding on God’s every word to be filled with Him as the Victor, to bring in God’s dominion and to make His name excellent on the earth.

I’m so glad that Christ as the light of life, the Baptizer and the Son of Man is not just a doctrine to remember but a wonderful Person for us to experience, enjoy and express in our daily life.

This post was inspired from my digestion of The Holy Word for Morning Revival, The Crucial Elements of the Bible, Week 2 – Day 2, pp. 28-29. For more enjoyment of these truths you may read the Life-Study of Matthew, Messages 9 & 12.

For a fuller appreciation of Christ as the light of life, the Baptizer, and the Son of Man, you may want to read a similar post at agodman.com.

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  1. Beatriz


  2. We need to open afresh to Christ as the light of life: “Lord, I do not want to waste this day in darkness; I want to live in the light of life.” Practically, we can open to Him, and He shines. He can shine on our behavior, our thoughts, our intentions, our motives. In fact, He is shining all the time; it’s just a matter of our openness. “Lord, keep me open to Your shining!”

    1. Amen to this prayer! “Lord keep me open to Your shining all day today!” May the Lord as the light of life shine in us so that we may live in the reality of the kingdom of the heavens today and be the instrument through which He can usher in His kingdom in its manifestation in the coming age. “Lord, we give ourselves to cooperate with You by staying open to You as the light.”

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