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3 Simple Prayers to Usher You into the Divine Romance

“Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth! For your love is better than wine.”(S.S. 1:2)

The deep thought of the Bible is that God desires to have a romantic relationship with man.

From Adam and Eve in the garden (Gen. 2:18-23) to the Lamb and His wife, the New Jerusalem (Rev. 19:7; 21:2), the Bible reveals that God is longing for a love relationship with man.

But, I’m afraid that many of us, have never been deeply attracted by the Lord’s love (S.S. 1:2) or possibly, and quite sadly, may have lost our first love for Him as Revelation 2:4 says,

“But I have one thing against you, that you have left your first love.” 

In any case, such a condition will satisfy neither God, nor us. And if He is not happy with us, neither can we be truly happy ourselves.

So in this post I’ll share three simple prayers that have helped me to cultivate a more fresh, intimate love relationship with the Lord. These three prayers express three great principles deep in God’s heart.

First, tell the Lord that you need Him and are utterly dependent on Him.

It’s the truth. The Lord said to His disciples, “…for apart from Me you can do nothing” (John 15:5b). If we have spiritual enlightenment, we’d have to admit that anything we do apart from Him is worth nothing—having no spiritual value, even if we accomplished a lot.

Realize that it was God’s desire from the beginning, that man would be fully dependent on Him, that God Himself would be man’s life, life supply, and everything. It was independence from God that got man into the trouble in the first place. In fact, this is the most evil thing in the eyes of God.

“For My people have committed two evils: / They have forsaken Me, / The fountain of living waters, / To hew out for themselves cisterns, / Broken cisterns, / Which hold no water.” (Jer. 2:13)

Every matter of life, both physically and spiritually is dependent. Breathing, drinking and eating are all matters of dependence. Since all the physical things are shadows of the spiritual reality, we can see from this how God wants to be our life—our food (John 6:35), our drink (7:37) and our breath (20:22).

Moreover, as our Husband, God wants us to acknowledge our need for Him and to be fully dependent on Him. So it’s just good to tell the Lord, “Lord Jesus, I really need you and am fully dependent on you today.”

Second, tell the Lord that you open your entire being to Him.

To receive anything of life, we must be open. Physical breathing, drinking and eating all require us to open ourselves—our nose, our mouth, our lungs, etc. Similarly, we need to practice opening ourselves to the Lord every day.

God considers us as His vessels and it is His desire to fill us with Himself, but this requires us to be open. Romans 9:23-24a says,

“In order that He might make known the riches of His glory upon vessels of  mercy, which He had before prepared unto glory, even us…” 

Since God desires to dispense all that He is into us, our best cooperation with Him is to open ourselves to Him as much as we can.

For us to enter into a romantic relationship with the Lord, we just need to begin by opening our heart to Him. I’ve found that it helps to open my mouth and cry out to Him.

The Lord promised in Psalm 81:10, “Open your mouth wide, and I will fill it.”

Just call on the name of the Lord. He promises to be rich to all those who call on Him (Rom. 10:13).

Simply tell Him,  “Lord Jesus, I open my entire being to you without reservation. Lord, fill me with yourself today.”

Such a genuine opening is what our Bridegroom, Christ is looking for. We need to open to our Beloved again and again.

Third, tell the Lord Jesus that you love Him with all your heart.

“And you shall love the Lord your God from your whole heart and from your whole soul and from whole mind and from your your whole strength.” (Mark 12:30)

Often we don’t feel very loving, but God will back up our speaking. This may be the case even with some good marriages—not a lot of romantic feeling. However, it still remains that we need to speak something by faith even when we don’t feel like it. Faith goes first, feelings follow.

As you speak it, God will back you up and fill your heart with the reality of what you say. Simply tell the Lord, “Lord Jesus, You are my first love. Lord, I love you with all my heart.”

See if these three simple prayers don’t usher you into a more intimate, loving relationship with the Lord Jesus. As we love the Lord Jesus, we enjoy Him. Then He grows in us and reveals to us all the secrets of His heart.

“But as it is written, “Things  which eye has not seen and ear has not heard and which have not come up in man’s heart; things which God has prepared for those who love Him.” (1 Cor. 2:9)

Personally, I like to begin my day by telling the Lord I need Him and am utterly dependent on Him. I fully open to Him and I love Him with my whole being. Simple as it may seem, the reality of such words can change your life.  Such prayers can usher you into a fresh, intimate experience of Christ, and bring you into the divine romance that consummates the entire Bible.

Try it and see for yourself.

This post was inspired by the opening word to message five of the Memorial Day Weekend Conference on the Crucial Elements of the Bible

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13 Replies

  1. amen, brother 🙂 The prayers I love the most is, Lord Jesus I open my whole being to You! and, Lord Jesus I love You with all my heart!

    It’s not a matter of “saying prayers” or learning prayers, but it is a matter of practicing to daily open to the Lord and love Him, talk to Him, converse with Him, ask Him about things, situations and people… Our relationship with the Lord is in the divine romance!

  2. Dear Stefan,

    My inspiration for this blog came from Message Five of “Four Crucial Matters in the Bible–Christ, the Spirit, Life, and the Church where brother Ed shared about Eating the Lord as the Tree of Life and Living on the Line of Life. He referred to three words that express the condition we need in order to enjoy the Lord as our life: “depend,” “open,” and “love.” He encouraged us to pray: 1) Lord Jesus, I need You and utterly depend on You. 2) Lord Jesus, I open my entire being to You with out reservation, and 3) Lord Jesus, I love You to the uttermost. Having been very much touched by his sharing, I felt it would be good to share this fellowship with many of the Lord’s seekers so that they too may be helped onto the line of life and enter into the divine romance with the Lord.

    Much grace to you,


  3. “Since God desires to dispense all that He is into us, our best cooperation with Him is to open ourselves to Him as much as we can.” So true! Thanks for the reminder. Your whole post was very readable and enjoyable!

  4. Clark,

    Thanks again for the encouragement. Christ is so rich! We just need to learn to be simple enjoyers and then dispense the His unsearchable riches to others as the good news. I’m here learning with you to dispense Christ in the a way that others can also receive.


  5. Grace

    “As we love the Lord Jesus, we enjoy Him. Then He grows in us and reveals to us all the secrets of His heart.”
    Amen! We all want to know the secrets of His heart!

    1. Hi Grace,

      Thanks for the encouraging reply. It’s so true. Loving, enjoying the Lord and growing in Him go together. May we be continually reminded to contact our Lord in the sphere and element of His divine love so that He can reveal all that is in His heart toward and so that we may know Him and be one with Him.

  6. This is very helpful. Thanks for posting! And I like the new blog title. Very appropriate.


    1. John,

      Thanks for the encouraging comment. Hope you’re doing well. Keep holding to truth as you go on with your schooling and work. Although you don’t have as much time while in your grad program, a little regular time in the word will keep your taste for the riches of truth and life.

  7. this post helps me a lot. these 3 simple prayers are so effective for us to continue loving the Lord and living to Him. Such prayers can usher us into a fresh, intimate experience of Christ, and bring us into a loving union with Him.
    Lord Jesus, we love You, we depend on You and we open our whole being to You!

    1. Tom Smith

      Yes, these prayers have helped me a lot also. They repeatedly come up in my times of fellowship with the Lord. To cultivate our romance with the Lord, it’s just good to tell Him that we need Him, that we’re entirely open to Him and that we love Him with all our heart. The Lord wants to hear this from our mouth often. May the Lord refresh these 3 prayers in us for our participation in the divine romance. Thanks for the encouraging comment.

      1. I’m will share this to my vital companions, and to other students saints also who love the Lord and His appearing.

        much grace!

  8. Deanna Potgieter

    Br Tom, thank you so much for the guidelines in prayer, find them very helpful in praying prayers unto the Lord, much grace! D

    1. Tom Smith

      Thanks D for the encouraging comment. Since prayer is one of those life practices that is both simple and profound, we need to be simple just to pray. At the same time we need to be ever learning lest we fall into a routine and become spiritually stale. Learning these guidelines can make our prayer life supplying to us, pleasing to the Lord, and effective in carrying out God’s purpose. Since it is such a crucial matter both to God and to us, we need to endeavor to enter into the depth of prayer and usher others in with us. Hope you’ll come back frequently and invite others to do the same.

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