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14 Words to Enrich Your Fellowship with Jesus

Do you ever find it difficult to pray? Do you sense a lack of genuine fellowship with Jesus when you do? I know there are times that I feel that way…and I’m sure that I’m not alone.

Pray to fellowship with Jesus

I believe that most believers experience some difficulty in entering into personal fellowship with the Lord Jesus. We just don’t know how to spend quality time with Him.

So in this post I’ll use my favorite hymn on praying to fellowship with the Lord to touch 14 key words that provide some practical principles you can apply to enrich your fellowship with Jesus.

Pray to Fellowship with Jesus

The following 14 words are all contained in a very helpful hymn—“Pray to Fellowship with Jesus” by Witness Lee. It’s not only easy to sing, but the lyrics are very helpful to pray with. That’s because they’re meant to be applied to our spiritual experience.

By considering, praying over, and applying the following key words of this hymn, I believe that you’ll find your fellowship with Jesus being uplifted to a higher level.

1. Spirit —“In the spirit seek His face(s. 1) and “Learn to touch Him as the Spirit…” (s. 3)

First, the proper organ for us to fellowship with Jesus is our regenerated human spirit. It’s the deepest part of our being (John 3:6)–the unique organ created by God for us to contact and fellowship with Him.

Second, the unique object of our worship is God who is Spirit. So we need to touch Him as the Spirit (4:24). The fundamental matter of worship is our spirit contacting the Spirit.

We should simply tell Him,

“Lord Jesus, I turn to my spirit right now to touch You as the Spirit.”

For more appreciation for these two spirits you may want to read my post, Knowing the Two Spirits, the Spirit with Your Spirit.

2. Seek—“In the spirit seek His face” (s. 1); “seeking Him in confidence” (s. 3)

Seeking Jesus should be the attitude of our heart when we come to pray. In Psalm 27 the Lord said, “Seek My face.”  The psalmist replied, “To You my heart says, Your face,  O Jehovah,  will I seek.” (Psa. 27:8 ).

We should  make this our pray,

“Lord, right now I’m coming to seek Your face.”

“Seeking Him in confidence” refers to seeking in a secret or private manner, not to be divulged to others. We need some secret seeking after the Lord, like the hidden root system of a plant. That’s where the supply for our Christian life comes from—hidden roots.

3. Askask and listen in His presence…” (s. 1).

We should also ask, not mainly for material needs and wants, but to fellowship with Jesus, to get to know Him, and to inquire of Him. For more on inquiring in pray you may want to read this post.

Simply pray,

“Lord, I’m coming to spend time with you. Lord, what is on your heart for me today? Teach me how to fellowship with You.”

4. Listen—“List’ning earnestly to Him; Be impressed with His intentions…” (s. 5).

Have you ever considered that a proper prayer is not just to ask God to do things for you, but to listen to Him, to let Him initiate something within you? In this sense, the asking is a kind of inquiring of Him. You might ask,

“Lord, what do you want me to pray for today? Shall I simply thank you now? Teach me to listen to you. Impress me with Your intentions.”

Then we should be inwardly attentive to listen with our spirit.

When you’re with someone you really love, you can be content to simply listen, because you’re happy just to be in their presence. Hint: for a pleasant marriage life, learn to listen…the voice of experience. I’m endeavoring to learn this lesson both in married life and in my relationship with the Lord. It’s part of maturing…in both relationships.

5. Wait—“waiting in the secret place” (s. 1).

Our real “secret place” is our spirit. (See point 1 above with the chart referenced there.) In our spirit, we ask and listen in a condition of waiting.

I’m afraid that many of us in this generation don’t know how to wait for anything. (At least, I confess I have a hard time waiting.) We expect the Lord to be like the internet, with instant answers.

Sorry, the Lord is a living Person with His own thought, feeling and intention…and timing. He may know that if He gives us the instant answer we’re seeking, we’ll take the answer and run away. But He wants us to stay with Him longer so that He can infuse more of Himself into us…So He keeps us waiting on Him.

6. Open—“Fully open from within” (s. 2).

In order to be open, we need to empty ourselves, to be poor in spirit (Matt. 5:3). Otherwise, there is no room in us for the Lord. We’re occupied, full of our own thoughts and concerns.

Our fellowship with Jesus is a kind of spiritual breathing. First, we need to spiritually exhale, to empty ourselves out. We need to exhale the old “CO2″ [ourselves] out of our spiritual lungs. Then  we spontaneously inhale  more fresh “O2” [the Spirit]. Here is an excellent hymn on spiritual breathing.

We should pray,

“Lord, I open my being to You right now. Empty me out of my old concepts. I want to receive something new of You.”

7. Behold—“With thy face unveiled, beholding, single, pure and genuine” (s. 2).

The apostle Paul said,

“But we all with unveiled face, beholding and reflecting like a mirror the glory of the Lord, are being transformed…” (2 Cor. 3:18).

This is like Moses on the mountain of God, spending time in God’s presence to be infused with God’s glory. This kind of “beholding” is in a condition of being single, pure and genuine. Just pray,

“Lord, make one who is so single, pure and genuine to behold You with an unveiled face.”

8. Touch—“Learn to touch Him as the Spirit…” (s. 3).

The woman with the hemorrhage came to to the Lord in faith. simply by touching His garment she was healed (Mark 5:24-34). We also need to touch Him in our spirit—not mainly for physical healing but for life-giving fellowship.

The simplest way I know to touch the Lord is to call on His name,

“Lord Jesus! O Lord Jesus! I’m coming to contact You right now.”

You may also want to read a booklet entitled A Simple Way to Touch the Lord. Follow the link to another hymn on touching the Lord.

9. Speak—“speaking nothing in pretense” (s. 4).

We need to stop all our pretentious prayers. Such prayers are just going through the motions and waste our time. It’s better to utter one sentence that’s from our heart–words that we really mean.

The Lord condemned the pretentious prayer of the Pharisee who was just making a show. But He appraised the repenting prayer of the sinner who asked the Lord to be propitious to him” (Luke 18:9-14).

10. Sense—“Ask according to the spirit, praying by the inner sense.” (s. 4).

We really need to learn to pray according to the inner sense in our spirit. I’m just a learner in this area myself. Our deepest part, our spirit, has three functions—conscience, fellowship and intuition.

As we are entering into fellowship with the Lord, we need listen to our conscience for anything that we need to confess. We also need to follow our inner sense, our intuition (our direct sense of God) for what is on the Lord’s heart to pray. This will enable to have real fellowship with Jesus.

11. Yield—“Yielding to Him from within” (s. 5).

The Lord knows the condition of our heart, and He will not open His heart to us beyond our willingness to “yield to Him from within.” He would be wasting His speaking, His anointing.

Why would you tell someone something that’s on your heart, if you know that they are unwilling to receive it.  We need to pray,

“Lord, grant me a submissive will that is fully yielded to You.”

12. Bath—“Bathing in His countenance” (s. 6).

Bathing isn’t something quick. This requires that we linger in the shining of the Lord’s countenance.

13. Saturate—“Saturated with His beauty” (s. 6).

It’s good to pray,

“Lord, saturate me more with Yourself in Your word today.”

14. Radiate—“Radiate His excellence” (s. 6).

The result of spending such a quality time with the Lord is that we, as His luminaries, radiate or reflect Him to others so they can see His excellence through us.

“Lord, use these 14 words to uplift and enrich our fellowship with You so that we may be genuinely saturated with You and radiate Your excellence to all who we meet.”

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  1. Miriam Kaminski

    Thank you. I thoroughly enjoyed this! I spent some time this morning singing this hymn and having some fellowship with the Lord over the first few points. I hope to continue. Thanks again! “Lord Jesus, may all of Your believers enter more and more into fellowship with You. Lead us, Lord, for the sake of Your eternal purpose.”

    1. Tom Smith

      Thanks for the encouraging comment. I’m afraid that most of us find our prayer becoming routine at times. It’s good to be reminded that we’re not just telling the Lord what we want Him to do for us, but actually spending time in His presence simply to be with Him, behold Him, listen to Him and to inquire of Him. In this way we’ll be saturated with Him and radiate Him to others. This kind of living and expression will definitely contribute to the fulfilling of God’s eternal purpose.

  2. Joy gacheri

    Thanks for the sharing am encouraged yo love God more

    1. Tom Smith

      May the Lord enrich your fellowship with Him so that you grow in His love as He mingles more of Himself with you. Just take time to muse on the loveliness of the Lord Jesus. Pray to fellowship with Him, applying these fourteen wonderful words, and I’m sure the Lord will gorw in you more and lead you deeper into His eternal plan. Thanks for the comment.

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