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What buying new shoes can teach you about following Christ

A young man recently asked me about my experiences in the human life…or the absence of them. He asked if I’d ever done this or that. He wanted to convince me that somehow I was missing out on life due to my absence of experience of certain earthly pleasures.

While considering how to respond to his inquiries, I just happened to reflect on my recent experience of buying new shoes. My answer came in the form of this story.

Making the Best Choice

Just weeks before our talk, I went to my favorite shoe store to find a replacement pair for some worn out shoes. Wanting to be efficient with my time, I decided to quickly scan the aisles to see what kind of selection was available. Having spotted a few potential replacements I went straight to my first pick—a reasonably priced, yet dignified looking, pair of black oxfords. When I tried them on, they fit perfectly. My intuition told me these were the right shoes. I could look no farther, simply take them to the register and complete my purchase.

But could it be that simple? There were so many other options. I convinced myself that I should try the other possibilities. After trying on a half a dozen other pairs, I determined that my first choice had been the best. Within the hour I was completing the purchase that I had felt the best about from the beginning.

I had only spent the better part of an hour “exploring”—a harmless waste of my time. At least I was convinced that my original choice was the best.

A Wise Choice Saves Time

How do I apply such an experience to the young man’s inquiry? I believe the journey of many a young Christian may resemble my shoe shopping trip—however with a much more costly expense of their most precious asset—time…their best time, their youth.

Yes, it is possible to explore the world, try all its fare and come to the eventual conclusion that a life given wholly to Christ is the best choice. But as a young believer, why not make the best choice from the beginning? If you’ve enjoyed the reality of Christ even once, you can be assured that a life given wholly to enjoying and following Him is the best value.

If your first intuition is to choose to follow the Lord, why take the suggestion that you need to spend years of your life looking for something else, trying many things. Making Christ your first choice, can save needless years.

In fact, in God’s eyes such an offering of our youthful years to Him is extremely precious. The psalmist said,

“Your people will offer themselves willingly/ In the day of Your warfare, / In the splendor of their consecration. / Your young men will be to You / Like the dew from the womb of the dawn” (Psalms 110:3).

To consecrate our life wholly to Christ, to willingly offer ourselves to Him is to take the way full of splendor. It is satisfying both to Him and to us. I don’t regret a day of choosing Christ, enjoying Christ and living wholly to Him. I can only regret the days of living for something else.

“Lord Jesus, You are the best. I’m attracted by You. I make You my first and best choice. I willingly consecrate my life with all my heart, time and energy to You. Just keep me loving and enjoying You every day. Thank you that I can peacefully turn my back on all the world’s pleasures knowing that everything I need is in You. Praise You Lord!”

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